"The most comfortable weighted compression training system you will ever wear." says CEO/Founder Calvin Stewart
The Matrixx Power Suit Company is now a proud member of NASA's Human Health and Performance Center!

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    Our Patented Weighted Compression Technology with Resistance helps advance the human race in the areas of cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems. Our technology addresses the need for a better system to help maintain astronauts mobility by increasing their muscle & bone strength before during and after space travel. Our technology also addresses the global human health and performance needs in the areas of obesity, fitness training and rehabilitation. Our technology can be used while training, jogging, running errands, during sports, etc… no matter where the user is, on land, in the water or in space.


- How did Olympians Bianca Knight & Demetrius Pinder win Gold in the 2012 London Olympic Games?

- Their secret weapon is the revolutionary Matrixx Power Suit Patented Weighted Compression Training System that uses Weighted Compression Technology with Resistance.

Team Matrixx Olympians include: 
Bianca Knight - 100M, 200M & 4 x 100M relay runner, US
Demetrius Pinder - 400M & 4 x 400M relay runner, Bahamas
Mike Rogers - 4 x 400M relay runner, US
Yargelis Savigne - Triple Jumper, Cuba

Bianca Knight
100M & 200M Runner from the US
2012 London Olympic Games

US women, Tianna Madison, Allyson Felix, Bianca Knight
& Carmelita Jetter won the Gold medal
in the 4 x 100M relay with
a new World Record of 40.82 seconds!

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Demetrius Pinder
400M Runner from the Bahamas
2012 London Olympic Games

Bahamas men,
Chris Brown,  Demetrius Pinder, Michael Mathieu & Ramon Miller
won Gold medal over the US
in the 4 x 400M relay!

Demetrius Pinder ran a
43.7 second split
putting the Bahamas in the lead.

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Mike Rodgers

200M Runner from the United States

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Yargelis Savigne
Triple Jumper from Cuba

  At The Matrixx Power Suit Company, we are focused on Health, Fitness & Sports training. The Matrixx Power Suit Training System is a Patented Weighted Compression Training Suit that can be used for all types of Sports, Training, Conditioning, Rehabilitation and while doing just about anything. It is patented in the US as well as Internationally. The Matrixx Power Suit is for everyone, whether they are a Pro Athlete, college, high school or novice Athlete, a gym or fitness enthusiast, a stay at home mom/dad or housewife, a traveling businessman or woman, a young adult or child, the average person looking to lose weight or a military serviceman or woman. The Matrixx Power Suit can help anyone get and stay in shape whatever their needs may be.

    The Matrixx Power Suit Training System, uses Patented Weighted Compression Technology with Resistance and is designed to enhance the users health and fitness goals. The linear design, and patented rubber weight system allow the suit to conform to the body for safe utilization during high and low intensity training and exercising.

    Unlike a traditional weight vest, wrist weights or ankle weights, this suit uses thin rubber weights that lay linear to the body and uses isometrics to increase muscle strength, as well as using compression technology to increase the users endurance. The weights are removable and the suit is machine washable. This is the only suit that can be comfortably worn during sports practice, underneath a uniform. It can also be worn in the water.
   At The Matrixx Power Suit Company, we understand that everyone's needs are different, along with their fitness level, and that everyone likes to work at their own pace to try to live a healthier life style. To accommodate different users we offer four levels of The Matrixx Power Suit Training System.

  • The Matrixx Power Suit Elite is the most durable suit we offer. It is designed for heavy use, with 15 Lbs of weight for the Men's Suit ($500) and 12 Lbs of weight for the Women's Suit ($470).

  • Next we offer The Matrixx Power Suit MX2 for the average user. It is designed for moderate use, with 10 Lbs of weight for the Men's Suit ($300) and 8 Lbs of weight for the Women's suit ($280).

  • Then for users that want to target just the torso we offer The Matrixx Power Vest, the Men's vest has 7 Lbs of weight ($220) and the Women's has 5 Lbs of weight ($200).
  • Last but not least we offer The Matrixx Power Sleeves,  for anyone looking to target the arms and the legs. This set has 5 Lbs of weight for both the Men's set and the Women's set ($180).  The Matrixx Power Vest and The Matrixx Power Sleeves are also designed to be used together for anyone looking to mix sizes. All of the Matrixx weighted products are designed with a custom fit for maximum effectiveness. For best results the user must wear the entire Training System (forearm sleeves, leg sleeves and the vest).

Benefits of The Matrixx Power Suit

  • Helps build muscles
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Increases performance output
  • Increases strength, speed & endurance
  • Evenly distributes weight over the entire body
  • Removable patented rubber weight system
  • Patented Weighted Compression Technology
  • Linear design conforms to the body
  • Machine washable, hang to dry
  • Won't shift during movement
  • Can be worn in the water
  • Superior fit

The Matrixx Power Suit Company, LLC
is proud to sell Products Made in the USA
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